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We who walk the path of caring with the wise SilverWolf
Come together this day to celebrate family and heart. To stand as one
Together we have felt peace of heart and all our hearts have called out
for healing. Reaching out to one another in understanding in times of need
Family of the heart, family of the soul guided together
By those who are never gone from us, whose forms have changed and dance on the winds
of peace. Many side by side, none behind and none in front. Sighs
on the breeze speaking of unity forever. Hear these words and remember
Celebrate family, celebrate unity of hearts and look to the stars that call
Look within and hear the whiteWolf's heart in you, for he has touched you
His call echos in your soul his words speak to your heart. watching forever
and always over you.

Today we come together to celebrate family and remember all those who watch
from above. Those who send love in the colours of the rainbow. Memories, let
them come and paint a picture of love for you. We have become who we are because
they came our way and will be united with us when is time. Till then walk tall
stand proud.

We the daughters, sons, sisters and brothers of the SilverWolf, with our hands
over our hearts send you our love and appreciation for all you do and who you are

Maman Loup you have always been there with a gentle touch a paw to hold. Thank you
for being there when the SilverWolf called you. Thank you for helping him find
peace and a understanding Soulmate. This cub thanks you for you. Mother of the Wolfpack
only you could bring the sun shine back with so much heart felt love

Today is a day of celebration and remembrance. Look to family of the heart, let them
know you care. Love forever and always and one day more. Save one for eternity

~*~March 13, 2006~*~

Maman Loup, the day you gave birth to the wolfpack was indeed a day
to be remembered in the annals of the wolfman, and as you see the heart of this one
who remembered. I am sure others remember also too. This pack might never have been
if not for the love of a little golden green eyed baby called Fluffy.
For you came into the room like roses in bloom and helped one old soldier find
some peace. One day we gave birth to the blues and what a wonderful helping cub
she is indeed. i am proud, and i know you are too. We can say, "we did good" mon ame.

Bless you wolfpack, without you where would we be? we love you.

Beautiful Globes Made With Love by GhattenWolf

~*~Music~*~"Take It To The Limit"~*~