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As the suns warmth touches the earth and awakens the world to rebirth
The suns love brings forth the new spring flowers and gentle rains of April
Hope is reborn, rebirth of spirit.The blueset of blue skies of a new day,
a new born foal who rises on shacky legs to meet the world.
A brand new life, who teaches us to dream again, to feel again.
Home is the heart that loves you, and your heart is part of mine.
As a field of blooms brings colours to the most barren land and healing to a wonded heart
A new born child who gazes into his mother's eyes for the first time a bond of love is born
Bonds that last a life time and into the next. Trust born between a daughter and a heart father
Birds learning to soar and glide on the winds. Hearning the songs of spring as new lives
learn to sing and reach out to life. Perfume in the air as flowers scents wrape around us
in the warmth of love on a spring day. Rebirth in spirit, let your heart and soul be reborn
To faith in another day. Another sunrise. Another Sunset. Look into the night sky and know
A new day will be reborn, and we are always as one. Easter is a time to rise again and
greet the morning and know we are loved. I wish you many happy Easter wishes and gentle memories
Healing on the rays of sun and gentle kisses in the gentles rains that brings our hope back

ŠJack3~*~BarTendersBluesWolf~*~March 17, 2006~*~


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