Heart Songs In The Dark Of The Night
Always Searching
Wanting To Belong
To Be Needed
A Heart Calling Out To Be Understood
A Heart That Can Be Wounded
Sings Out In Pain

Others Hear The Heart Songs
They Reach Out
Trouble Letting Them Near
Words Are Hard To Find
Eyes Can Not See Through Silver Tears
Blinded By The Unkind Words Of A Few
Heart Sings Please Hear Me
Understand I Love You

Darkness Comes Unexpected
Stills The Songs Of Joy
Can Never End Them
When The Love Of Heart Friends Stay Close
Even When Pushed Away
For They will Never Give Up
Sing Their Heart Songs Of Love

We Who Know Your Love And Heart
Are Always Near
Reach Out And You Will Feel Warmth
Singing Out
We Love You
Search No Further
You Belong To Us
Your Call From Your Heart
Has Been Heard And Understood
Let Our Heart Songs Help Heal The Wounds

Remember Even In The Darkest Moments
You Are Always Loved
Never Truly Alone
Heart Songs Heard

Daughter Jack3~December 6, 2005.

Heart Songs Always Heard

Always Near, Always Loved