If ever I seem far away
Lost in thought, quiet
I am never far from you
Silence can say many things
My silence says trust
If ever a times comes
You wonder what is in my heart
What is on my mind
Look into my eyes and you will see
They will show you all you want to know
We are family of the spirit
Of the hear and soul
closer then any have ever been
If ever you see me watching you closely
I am merely watching the glowing colours that are you
Warm colours of comfort all around you
I lay my hand upon your heart and share all
If ever I reach out to hold your hand
It shows my belief and pride in you
A father's hand to hold by a daughter
Who feels the sun again
In my silence you know is love

BarTendersBluesWolf~~January 29, 2006.

Music~~Take It To The Limit