Helping Others Find Their Wings
Flying On The Winds Of Peace
Strong Of Soul, True Of Heart
Never Over Shadowed
Standing In The Light
Standing By Each Other's Side
Accepting, Never Changing Who You Are
Believing In Who You Are
Standing Tall Together
Legends Of The Heart

Loss Brings Us Together
Joining Of Hearts, Bonding Of Souls
Seeing Within
Old Knowing
Keeps Us Together
Holding Hands Across The Globe
Always Accepting
Handle With Care
Family Of The Heart
Never Judging

Singing Of Unity
Songs On The Wind
Music Of Joy
Music Of Sadness
Hear The Song
Answer With Understanding
Answer With Acceptance
Hear Me Call
Always Near
Music In The Wind
Family Of The Heart and Soul

Songs On The Breeze
Warms The Heart
Joy Of Family
Of Belonging
Songs In The Wind
Bonds Ever lasting
Forever And A Day
Save One For Eturnity
Waliking Side By Side
Path To Peace Of Heart
True Of Heart Remain
Loyal To Family

BarTendersBluesWolf~December 28th, 2005.

Music~"When Will I Be Loved"