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"Ode to a Burnt Mic Cord"

Here I sit with this thing upon my head,
covering my ears with this band
Are days it works so well and keeps me close,
and brings to me the voices of me goofy cubs
Who I love so dearly. Other days I sit and look
at the cord with cigarette in one hand and cord in other
and ponder with one eye closed and aiming for cord
To burn or not to burn this dang cord that can be just a pain

What would you do if you were me
would burn or give this cord
another chance?. They can be so goofy these cubs of mine
But they are mine and who would put
up with them if not for me?
They love me this I have no doubt. I love to hear them laugh
I know they seek to make me smile as I do them

Is amazing this dang lil black cord is what joins
me to so many so here I sit with cord in one hand
and cigarette in other and
decide to give another chance to this cord. But
listen carefully you, next time I might change me mind
and burn you as I sit and ponder this lil black cord.
So keep connecting me to those I love

Music~*~Garth Brooks~*~Cowboys And Angels