If I Had Known

That our time together would end so soon
would I have held each moment closer
Listen with my heart more
Understood your calls
Held each hug longer
Been more forgiving
Looked more into the soul of your eyes
Would I have stopped to know you better
So many questions, so few answers
If I had only known that while I was gone
You would quietly leave
A gentle sigh, a soft smile
A gentle whispered good bye
A father's hand was there to hold Mine
Brother as each day goes by
Hidden memories come to me
In Dreams, in quiet moments
If I had known would I have let you know me more
Would I have looked closer to know you
Please Brother Mine know this
I remember only the good
Your laugh on Christmas morning
The orange Kitty buddy you placed in my arms
The understanding hugs when he went to the bridge
The way you said "My little sister"
Till that day of reunion I hold theses close
Brother dear

Jackie~January 26th, 2006.