When the heart speaks, angels listen
When you sing from the heart, all listen
It is up to us to help them understand
To see with the eyes of their heart
If is only one person who takes up the song
Sings to others on the winds of peace
That one voice will add harmony to your song
Will reach many more hearts
By standing as one
When a song is written
A heart beat at a time
Heart Songs on the wind
Floats on the breeze
To the wounded hearts
Who cry out for one who understands
A bond is formed, healing begins
Song from one who cares
Listen to the winds that sing
Of love and unity
Open your heart and soul
To Heart Songs on the wind

ęBarTendersBluesWolf~December 10, 2005.


Heart Songs Lost In the Wind
Calls Gone Unheard
Reaching Out
Not Touching
Echos Of Emptiness
No Longer Needed
Hearts Set Free On The Wind
Please Don't Let Me Go
Are You Near
Echos Of Silence
Listen To The Songs
Asking Understanding Of The Heart
Floating Away
High Above The Clouds
Far From Home
Far From Love
Far From Family
Good Bye
December 12, 2005.

Music~Lonely Teardrops