Twilight descends and a great heart sighs and is answered
by the blinking of a silver star. Dreams begin and in these we touch again,
dancing among the stars. Looking into the glowing eyes of love.

A great heart sighs with memories of another time, another place. Now of
another world. Always close, always here and dear.

In the twilight hours moonlight shadows dance, swaying and floating with
the haunting music of a sigh. Hearts touching again, bonding again
In dreams we meet, in dreams we remember and are always one. A bond everlasting

A great heart sighs and gently drifts on the winds and is heard by the true
hearts of others. Ones who have taken the time to listen and understand
Sighs only the true of heart can hear and answer on the breezes of true love

A pledge taken, loyalty given. Honor in the howl of the wolf, once given is always
True of heart, true of word. A pledge written in the stars, held in a wolf heart
Caring paws reaching out to wounded hearts and finding healing in the bonding
Do you have it in you to answer to the sighing of the great heart? To understand the
song of a caring heart.

The spirit of the White Wolf hears the sighs of the great heart answering with whispers of
love always and forever. Keep on the path of peace, true of heart will walk by your side
The bonding of a single silver thread unites us all, growing stronger with each step

As twilight descends listen to the winds of caring and hear the sighs of the great heart
answer with a caring whisper.

~J.C. Stewart~Jaquelyn Suzanne McStewart~
~April 29, 2006.~

The Lobo Wolf is no longer a lone wolf, love glows around him from the many hearts
that have joined the path of the White Wolf. The howl of the wolf
will be forever heard, these hearts who care forever and one day more will carry it on.
This journey we are on was meant to be, written in the stars long before we were born. Walk on

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