Standing Proud, Standing Tall

Walking Away
Stops To Look Back
Follow Me
Rainbow Coloured Eyes
Looking Deep Within
Waiting, Watching In The Night
White Wolf Guide
Strength And Dignity
Couarage Of The Soul
Follow Me
I Will Show You The Way
Preparing You
For What Lies Ahead
Who You Will Be
Keep Walking The Path
Of The One Who Cares
Follow The Star Who Waits
Listen To The Howl Of The White Wolf
Glowing Eyes In The Darkness
I Am Here
Follow Me

Calls In The Night
Friend Of The Heart
Brother Of The Soul
Wisdom In The Night
Way Of The Wolf
Written On Your Soul
Silver Stars
Uniting Family
Family Of The Wolf
Hear Me
See Me
Follow Me
Calls Of The White Wolf
All The White Wolf Asks Of You
Is A Caring Heart
Music In The Wolf's Howl
Listen To The Music
On The Winds Of Peace
Follow Me

Look Closely
Mirrors Of The Soul
Hearts Are True
Hearts Are Loyal
What Is Seen In Your Eyes?
A Heart Friend
Family Of The Wolf

BarTendersBluesWolf~December 27, 2005


Music~"My Heros Have Always Been Cowboys"